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Default still it is not cleat to me what to do

There are now two meta-packages for installing Gnome:
"gnome" -- a standard Gnome installation
"gnome-extras" -- accessibility, development, personal information management and office tools.

And, barti, when you install the "gnome" meta-package, there will be a README file. In it, you will see:

What I did is pkg_add gnome-session

So now I need to reinstall gnome again with :

pkg_add gnome

pkg_add gnome-extras

and then :

Then the following line needs to be added:
exec /usr/local/bin/ck-launch-session /usr/local/bin/gnome-session
in ~/.xinitrc when using startx(1) (console login)

I need to edit ~/.xinitrc file and put inside it :
exec /usr/local/bin/ck-launch-session /usr/local/bin/gnome-session

And this is it?

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