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Question Send email on login. How?

I have a system that serves as an ssh access point for my home network. It was a Linux system but I'm moving it to OpenBSD.

Only ssh is permitted and I am the only person who would login. In Linux, I used this technique so that an email was sent every time someone logged in:

Unfortunately, that relies on on PAM, which OpenBSD doesn't use.

I'm wondering how I can achieve the same thing in OpenBSD?

Some thoughts I've had:

- Maybe it's a better idea to have something watch the auth log or receives auth system logs and sends emails? Then of course I have to find that something and configure it.
- I honestly haven't spent a lot of time with syslog and could research to see if it can send email or call arbitrary scripts.
- I could do this as part of my user .profile or as part of /etc/profile

I'm sure some security graybeard will come along and tell me why this is all silly and not adding to my security and that's fine, too :-)
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