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Reevaluating my point for a moment, I do agree that some of the choices.. constant rewriting for one.. is rather annoying.

For example, nouveau is difficult for the BSD projects to port because they keep rewriting large portions of it.. they hardly ever release anything.. billions of git branches.. and they tend to make use of bleeding edge Xorg features that no OS vendor even supports yet.

They also purposefully broke multicard setups I heard, not that I'm a utilizer of that feature.. that does sound awful.

And finally, my friend uses an older integrated Intel graphics chipset.. the maintainers of that driver don't appear to be interested in supporting legacy devices, breakage is quite frequent.

So.. I'm not delusional that Xorg is the perfect project, but in the end it tends to work here the majority of the time, I don't own anything all that powerful anyway.. most of the time the systems I own have r128/mga graphics chipsets.
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