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Default Xorg taking the fun out of BSD

Let's rant, shall we?

Xorg is seriously starting to annoy me, and taking the fun out of BSD.
At this point, my laptop is non-functional, it will freeze when using Xorg, it works fine when using the console or Vista ... Probably some stupid part no one cares about except some linux hippies who want to use 3D terminal windows or whatever rewrote something to get it to work ...

Back in the good old XFree/Xorg 6.9 days I almost *never* had any issues with Xorg, I'm not saying it was perfect, or that it wasn't lacking in certain areas, but it was stable and almost always worked.

Ever since Xorg 7.0 I've had nothing but trouble, crashes, odd setups (hal!), odd bugs (Like the Generic Event extension ``bug'', just how idiot was that?), you name it.

BSD used to be something I liked using, mainly because it's so easy&natural for me to use but now I'm using Windows XP at home because it's easier & more natural ... Yes, at this point I'd rather deal with the Windows registry than with Xorg, at least the registry behaves predictably and doesn't get rewritten every release.

There are no real alternatives available ... I considered using Xorg 6.9 but that would take considerable work ...
Since every UNIX and UNIX-like OS uses Xorg (OSX excepted, but I'm not buying an overpriced/under-quality MAC just for the OS) it would seem the best "solution" is to use Windows ... Which is exactly what I'm doing now ...
Isn't that sad? All because of these stupid Xorg ...
UNIX was not designed to stop you from doing stupid things, because that would also stop you from doing clever things.
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