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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
I never have problems with Xorg, instead of dismissing it entirely.. how about posting the configuration file so we can fix it for you?

Windows is never a solution.
That is because you do not use vanilla XOrg You are using Xenocara

Originally Posted by Carpetsmoker View Post
Let's rant, shall we?
Back in the good old XFree/Xorg 6.9 days I almost *never* had any issues with Xorg, I'm not saying it was perfect, or that it wasn't lacking in certain areas, but it was stable and almost always worked.

Ever since Xorg 7.0 I've had nothing but trouble, crashes, odd setups (hal!), odd bugs (Like the Generic Event extension ``bug'', just how idiot was that?), you name it.
I am completely with you Carpetsmoker. My experience with vanilla XOrg on FreeBSD was very similar. I do think that XOrg mess is a window of opportunity for XFree to come back. Nothing would make me more happy than having a simple, reliable, implementation of X.

Use of HAL for configuration of X server speaks volumes. I am really sick
and tired of Linux Desktop and their agenda. For my grandmother and alike there is a Unix based alternative for Windows and is called OS X.
When I use BSD, I want to use Unix and I could not care less if it doesn't work for my grandmother and her friends.

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