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Cant agree more Carpetsmoker :/

When s/XFree/Xorg/g thing happened, all things started ti degrade slowly, release after release ...

Thinkgs that worked flawwlessly for years have been broken/dropped just like that without any reasonable reason, like CTRL + ALT + NUMPAD PLUS/MINUS for switching between reslutions, like disabling the CTRL + ALT + BACKSPACE shortcut by default (what the fsck for?).

All this Linux like madness of rewriting every possible subsystem just to add some small features and fix old bugs (and add many new ones) with breaking all backward compatibility with several other subsystems is just broken.

Just how many 2D accelration techniques have been recently developed, XXA, EXA, now UXA, what next ...

Now we have HALd as a dependency (not yet mandatory), maybe we will have PulseAudio or even ALSA in some near time as a mandatory dependency on Xorg even just to see naked xterm with prompt

When all this rewriting swamp started I thought nice, we should have some really improoved x11 in some near time, but as we all see this rewriting never ends, and developers rewrite again all subsystems because some feature was missed.

Its just sick.
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