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Default OpenBSD + mpv or mplayer + libcaca

Hi all,
I was trying to open videos with the -vo plugin "caca" from libcaca library, but it doesn't work on OpenBSD.

When I have a look on the video output drivers (-vo) of mpv I have:
x250$ mpv -vo=help
Available video outputs:
  libmpv           render API for libmpv
  gpu              Shader-based GPU Renderer
  xv               X11/Xv
  sdl              SDL 2.0 Renderer
  x11              X11 (slow, old crap)
  null             Null video output
  image            Write video frames to image files
  tct              true-color terminals
I tried to install mpv as a package (pkg_add -vi) and as a port (make install clean) but I never see the caca driver. Same problem in mplayer.

Is somebody here using mpv/mplayer with libcaca?

thanks in advance.
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