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Default Mount Samba/CIFS Share in OpenBSD

Hello helpful smart people!

Wondering if anyone has tackled the above in a way that doesn't involve ports?

There doesn't appear to be an smbclient or cifs/smbfs package for FUSE that I've been able to find.

All I've really been able to find is a reference to sysutils/usmb and net/samba from this post, and mention of a deprecated package called sharity-light from some time ago here.

I'm running Openbox primarily, and I install XFCE to use Thunar - but the "Open Location" part doesn't work (I didn't really expect it to).

Any and all advice, or direction would be appreciated.

In case the question "Why do you not want to use Ports?" comes up, the answer is two-fold.

1. I haven't had the time to figure out how.
2. I tried to use ports to install netbeans, and ended up filling up my /usr partition (size was decided by the auto-partitioner in the installer).

So, "Fix your disk space and get familiar with Ports" is a valid answer, but will be less appreciated than others

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