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I've used Linux for 2-3 years between late 2015- early 2018, costantly changing distro while seeking out for one capable of suiting my needs and taste. I've found few (namely Slackware, CRUX, Void Linux and Alpine) which I like a lot, especially Slackware. However, I've come to the conclusion that unless I were coping with ultramodern hardware (which I don't own), I just don't need Linux.

BSDs and Illumos look to more solid, professional, polished, stable, lightweight, simple, well designed and egineered systems than Linux, while their documentation is better organized and accessible and the community more mature, competent, friendly and fun. BSDs and Illumos make me want to contribute, study how thevsystem works in-depth, while Linux does not

I mean, to each one his own, Linux is just not the best for me, at least for the moment.
If I really had to choose an alternstive OS, I'd go with macOS
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