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Originally Posted by BFlatMinor View Post
After the installation, how do I know if default security is applied?
As you travel further down the road of experience, you will find out that the word "security" is both nebulous & subjective.

Yet to answer your question, users of any operating system need to be vigilant about what protocols & ports are accessible to the outside world. Password strength is another topic in which you should be familiar.

As a newbie, you will save yourself significant time & frustration by:
  • ...taking the time to seriously study the official FAQ:
  • reading on both general Unix usage & what few OpenBSD books are available. Perhaps the best title is Michael Lucas' Absolute OpenBSD:

    Although somewhat dated, this book is still very worthwhile for all users of OpenBSD. Note that the book is also available for purchase in PDF form from No Starch Press.
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