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Finally read it. My opinion: not bad, not great. Here's why...

The book description led me to (mistakenly) believe that this would be a reference for FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. Not so. The opening pages cover a brief history and description of each BSD, as well as pointing to resources where more info can be obtained for each. But, from there on out, the book is strictly FreeBSD-focused. That was disappointing to me, because I was hoping to pick up some handy NetBSD-specific tips.

That said, where this book shines is in its breadth and depth of command usage/application suggestions. There are plenty of examples provided for common commands, and there is exposure to a wide variety of useful third-party apps (multimedia, backup, sysutils, etc.).

Do buy this book if you are new-ish to FreeBSD and you'd like a well-rounded, inexpensive reference to supplement the FreeBSD Handbook material.

Do not buy this book if you are a hardcore FreeBSD user/sysadmin, or if you're looking for NetBSD or OpenBSD pointers.
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