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Default 32bit freebsd 7 on 64x2 system for desktop

Greetings one and all!
::warning, this is a bit of a "in linux i did this n that" post::

Okay, moving right along...
Ive used linux for a few years, am interested in converting, did some research on the software and found I can go ahead with a freebsd system for my desktop.

Some hardware questions though:

I have a dual core AMDX2 that I want to run with a 32bit os. I got the processor as a cheap upgrade to a dual-core processor. It's a funky socket that also supported a 32-bit Sempron when I recieved the system. Socket 939 or something like that. It was short lived.

My plan is to run a 32-bit smp kernel on said processor. Should work?

In using a GNU/Linux system, I always have had to pass the noapic option and use the VESA driver on my Nvidia 7300 GT PCIE card until the NVIDIA drivers could be downloaded and installed. So my question is this:
Will smp work in 32-bit on a 64-bit kernel. Again I want to just run straight 32-bit across the board. And second, will FreeBSD recognize my PCIE card?
Thanks, for any info you can provide!
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