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Default Secure erasing of HD with dd

In order to do begin a secure erase of the hard disk of my hp530,
I wanted to use a command like the following:

# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/<deviceFileOfHardDisk>
This works if, for example, I boot with a live cd of a linux distribution.

I tried also with OpenBSD, but I found a problem.
I booted with an usb key with install67.fs for i386.
At the first prompt, I chose (S) to have a shell.
I looked for the name of the disk with

and the answer was

I verified (with disklabel) that rd0 was associated with the usb key I used to boot.
I don't know what sd1 is.
I tried the dd command with of=/dev/sd1c but the response was "no such file or directory" and
indeed in /dev there was not such a file. I tried also with other names, with no success.

It is difficult for me to show you the complete content of /dev, because I can't write it to any file at this stage.
But I'm relatively sure that there is nothing associated with the HD.

Is it possible to do what I want using the usb key of installation and the dd command?
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