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Basis for package recommendations in OpenBSD 6.6

Web Browsers
In OpenBSD, the major browsers can be categorized by security updates and pledged, privilege separation. Landry Bueil provides Mozilla builds for www/mozilla-firefox, www/firefox-esr and mail/mozilla-thunderbird. As of December, 2019, an update of www/chromium is being provided. These updates are now hosted by the main project. Previously, only firefox-esr made it through the 6/12month support cycles without dependency issues. Iridium and Chromium are reported to provide better privilege separation. Chromium provides both security updates and privilege separation at the expense of Google's tracking. Iridium has the same Chromium privilege separation without Google tracking but no security updates as yet. Firefox-esr provides security updates.

Email Clients
Email clients fall into 3 categories. In the first category, inline html, OpenBSD has mail/evolution and mail/mozilla-thunderbird. Evolution pulls many Gnome3 dependencies leaving Thunderbird. Html emails are generally frowned upon as click prompts can be disguised to run scripts or take you to a spoofed website. It is reported that this is how the GRU gained access to the DNC's email server. Evolution and Thunderbird have an option to display emails as text.

The second category has text based email clients with GUI's. mail/sylpheed, mail/claws-mail and mail/trojita are available. Claws-mail, forked from Sylpheed, provides plugins but 6.6stable has no html plugins. Previously claws-mail html plugins were discontinued in OpenBSD due to security problems. Trojita is Qt5 based, only supports imap. I recommend Sylpheed in this category. In -current, Claws-mail just gained a new, more secure html plugin.

The last group are keyboard driven, text clients like mail/mutt, mutts' feature enhanced fork: mail/neomutt and mail/alpine. If you have to frequently work through large numbers of emails, setting up and learning the keystokes for mutt/neomutt is worthwhile. OpenBSD also comes with a simple MUA, mail, that can be used with opensmptd.

The most popular office suite is editors/libreoffice. It is an active, widely utilized suite that has good compatibility with MSOffice. It is large and resource heavy but is well implemented in OpenBSD. Lighter office utilities are editors/abiword, math/gnumeric. productivity/siag and editors/calligra. Calligra is Qt5 based, Abiword is currently broken and Siag has been dropped. Libreoffice is recommended.

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