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Default [6.6] Thunderbird + DoH


FYI: It seems now possible to configure Thunderbird to communicate by DOH (DNS-over-HTTPS).

TODO it:
  1. Menu 'Edit' > 'Preferences'
  2. Choose the Section 'Advanced'
  3. Tab 'Network & Disk Space'
  4. At the section 'Connection', click on the button [ Settings... ]
  5. Into the windows "Connection Settings", slide to bottom to enable '[ ] Enable DNS over HTTPS'
  6. and select 'Custom' to the list 'Use Provider', to fill 'Custom' area…


You can to set it directly by 'about:config', and set string 'network.trr.uri' with choosed serveur DNS. Thing to change too the string 'network.trr.mode' at the value '2', minimum…


See this url:
to choice a good DNS server
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