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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
Sir ocicat
daemonfowl, this isn't medieval England. Wearing chainmail is no longer in vogue. You don't have to refer to us as "Sir".
I'm developping a Thread-Hijacking Phobia !
...& yet, you hijack threads nearly on a daily basis.
* I brought an example I have in front of me : Opera.
* I added info about it on both OpenBSD (security-aware) & NetBSD (portability-driven)
Again, after the fact. This should have been included in the original post.
security as tightened on OpenBSD may be a cause that emulated software don't run as expected while on NetBSD it just runs .. maybe not ..
The experiment you should perform is:
  1. Do a fresh install of OpenBSD. No upgrades allowed.
  2. Followed immediately by installing Opera.
Do you get the same error upon usage?
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