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sorry to ask but i have asked misc before and they just kick my ass
No need to be sorry at all! I totally understand

Ok judging by the information you provided it seems like some kind of routing issue....

Have you configured "Static" or "Dynamic" routing between the systems?

I personally recommend configuring OSPF between them!

Additionally are you using standard ipsec or GRE??

GRE is a better solution in my opinion however, is much more difficult to setup.

Have a look at the link I posted at the beginning of this thread as that will describe the methodology that I used.

I do also think that the psk <passphrase> should be put in "" another words:

psk "pass1234"

In order to debug, I would first run a traceroute between machines and see where things are going wrong.

Additionally look at the routing tables of each system:

sh ip route
netstat -r

Start with that then let me know how you got on!
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