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Mainly OpenBSD and another WinXP multi-booting workstation (tired of emulating) for those apps that require specific OSes, or @!&%#$ flash, or some OO uno packages.

If I need a difficult-to-install-from-sources application, and that binaries are available for, say, WinXP, OSX or FC5, might as well grab a FC5 distro and install it on a slice (or say Oracle on "unbreakable" ).

Basically, spreadsheets, mail, browsers, database, archives on OpenBSD, so that is my desktop I guess.
What does not run on OpenBSD, the lazy I am boots the WinXP,
any*nux beyond that.
What I prefer, or like, does not matters.
Sometimes, getting the job done even needs specifix hardware for specific OSes. So be it!
Fwiw, the explosion engine is obsolete since more than a century. Haven't got much choice either would I need a car.
da more I know I know I know nuttin'
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