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To answer this question, before I replied I went to the source: the source code itself. The OpenBSD source code repository has been both public and openly available since the Project began in 1995. It's the "Open" of OpenBSD.

Here, you can see that the 4.2BSD reference in /usr/src/sys/sys/disklabel.h is line number 248, where FS_BSDFFS is defined. This line was part of revision 1.1, which was the initial import into OpenBSD back in 1995. There are a few more recent updates, with the most recent addition --line number 260, which was added in 2012 with revision 1.54.

I also checked /usr/src/sbin/disklabel/{disklabel.c,editor.c} to confirm that these both still used "4.2BSD" as well. There have been some changes to the output lines themselves in intervening years but the "4.2BSD" references have remained in place since 1995.
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