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Thanks for the answers. geli and vnd checked. ^^ So the main problem left is BE>>LE and custom partition table (only kpartx have it so probably I'm out of luck now). I'll try different approach like i.e access to put out mapper via network for some BSD.

To get HDD keys, I need a hacked console (which I hacked and read all needed keys years ago). However, now I have fully original firmware which doesn't allow to run any kind of unsigned code and I don't want hack it again (also downgrade firmware is impossible without special service dongle and special software on pendrive). So I cannot run OtherOS >> Linux/FreeBSD from pendrive and/or internal HDD (this was removed from official firmwares many years ago for official reason as potential attack vector). My point of all of this is to not use console for reading data (and this can be already done on Windows/Linux) and writing data (here is why I turned my eyes to BSD because of full trustworthy support for UFS2).

I'm now after the lecture of devfs and many related stuff. Quite harder than on Linux or it is just the first impression. ^^
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