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Garry, while I don't have an iPad, I do have some comments about your problem report. It lacks a lot of information which might have been helpful.

The client

  • You didn't mention what symptoms your brother actually had, such as error message, browser timeout message, or a "hung" browser.
  • You didn't mention which version of iOS your brother's iPad is running.
  • You didn't mention which browser was being used, and which version.
The server
  • You didn't mention which version of the OS you are using.
  • You didn't mention which webserver software (and version, if applicable) you are using. I can see that it's nginx, but not which version.
  • You didn't mention if you were redirecting to https. I can see that you aren't.
But ... did you ever stop to think that you're pointing everyone -- including your brother -- at a 659 MB file? THAT may be your actual problem.
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