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Post compatible laptops?

Originally Posted by diablo View Post
I use a Thinkpad T42p, with OpenBSD 4.3. Everything I've tried works quite nicely. All the Fn+F# key combos I've tried have worked (Fn+F3 for turning off the screen, Fn+F4 for sleeping, Fn+F7 for outputting the display to the VGA port, and Fn+F8 for toggling screen resolution). In contrast, when I briefly tried NetBSD, most of these combos did not work.

For sleeping, apmd has to be set as a startup daemon. I haven't bothered setting up hibernation, since that would mean repartitioning, which I don't have the time or resources for at the moment.
I'm sorry for digging this post, but as I am reading through the FAQ I stumbled on this:

Originally Posted by FAQ 3.7 -Laptops:
While many laptops work very well with OpenBSD, they are sometimes not the easiest systems to get running well, so a laptop might not be the best choice for your first OpenBSD install.
So do you think it's not a good idea to try it anyway? (I am using a Thinkpad T42 too currently)
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