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Default Questions about a blacklist ip checker script

A few days ago, I found in this forum a great and useful script to check from command line if some ip addreess it´s listed on some blacklists: / showthread.php ? t=302.

The script itself describes how to perform manually this queries from a particular blacklist which procedure consists in:
* Reverse the address to
* Append the name of the blacklist.
* (Sample)For the 'zen.spamhaus' list, that results in ''
* Resolve the resulting name in DNS with a DNS tool
================================================== ========
Again the response is an address in the loopback <b> range</b>, meaning it has been listed.---> Is this a standard or rfc?

Why this happens in this way? All the blacklist dns servers add blacklisted ips with a ip in address range

I have tested and I got a output like this:

If I query blacklisted ip on a website ( / blacklist-check) I get a question with that searcher.

Are blacklister servers using different ways to blacklist ip address?

If I get a ip different from, always will be listed?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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