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Default NetBSD questions

Here's an audio question:

1) I use NetBSD for audio players (Ogg123, etc) all the time. Works great. What's the secret to getting audio capture going? I have a CMedia chipset USB Audio dongle, which I use for playing Ogg tunes. I set the audio params with something like:

audioctl -d /dev/audio1 -w play=44100,2,16,slinear_le #for play

audioctl -d /dev/audio1 -w record=44100,1,16,slinear_le #for capture
The system remembers the play settings, but forgets the capture settings.


audioctl -d /dev/audio1 -a
shows new settings in play mode, but in capture mode everything remains set to the original defaults (8k sample rate, for instance).

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