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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Thanks. I am also long enough to remember that we went through DF separate section routine few years ago and that the proposal was declined.
Creation was declined then because the amount of traffic specific to DragonFly was essentially zero. From what I see by searching the archives today, most mentions of DragonFly closely stem from comments such as "I can't seem to get support for device xyz in ijk BSD, so maybe I will try DragonFly..."

It does not appear that the data leading to the earlier decision has markedly changed.

I know that proponents for creating a new forum will go all Field of Dreams on us stating that (new) traffic will spontaneously appear once such a forum is created. However, the data does not particularly support this claim.

To date, the Other BSD and UNIX/UNIX-like forum has long been set up as a breeding ground for emerging members of the *BSD family. When we see sufficient traffic warranting separation, we will create a new forum.
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