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Originally Posted by dalek View Post
Hi there, I'm currently on a quest to get OBSD on my Asus Eee PC as well.
I'm separating your post to a new thread so you can take discussion on this topic in the direction you choose. Although the original thread is old enough to be considered dead, your needs may not be the same as the original author's.
...I don't think it's working (at least, my BIOS is set to boot the removeable media first, and it doesn't boot).
Two points:
  • My Eee PC 701 takes some playing with the boot order in order to boot from USB, & once I have finished, I have to reset the BIOS to its factory settings to boot from the onboard drive.
  • As for how to boot OpenBSD's bsd.rd kernel to begin installation, the following URL is written by someone with close to the project developers. I have manually created bootable bsd.rd configurations from USB which have worked fine:

    Take the opportunity to study the associated manpages as you follow the above URL. Understanding the process will pay again & again in the future.
I should have mentioned, currently the netbook has XP on it.
If you are wanting to dual-boot, then you will need to do the following:
  • Use Windows to shrink whatever partitions are available. You will need a MBR partition for OpenBSD. Standard PC's only have four.
  • See Section 4.9 of the official FAQ for more information on multibooting.
If you don't want to retain Windows, simply use the whole disk when installing OpenBSD.
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