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Originally Posted by ESB View Post
...what Perl package is suitable for NetBSD 3.0.0 operating system.
I assume you are familiar with the following page which describes the compatibility of the current Perl5 pkgsrc port to supported operating systems:

Conspicuously, NetBSD 3.0.0 is not mentioned -- only newer NetBSD versions. I suspect this is the point of your post.
  • One question which needs to be asked is why not upgrade NetBSD to a more recent version?
  • Poking about the archives for the netbsd-users@ mailing list indicates that Perl 5.8.8 was the version synchronized with NetBSD 3.1.
There are a number of collateral questions you may ask in return which I will not be able to answer given limited experience with NetBSD. Your best bet at getting an informed answer is to post to the pkgsrc-users@ or netbsd-users@ mailing lists where the readership is people more deeply involved with the NetBSD community. Information on subscribing can be found at the following:
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