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Not sure if you are familiar with it yet, by a nice site to for NetBSD pkgsrc is

If you set and export the PKG_PATH, installing a package should install all required dependencies.

4.1.2. Installing binary packages

In the directory from the last section, there is a subdirectory called All, which contains all the binary packages that are available for the platform, excluding those that may not be distributed via FTP or CDROM (depending on which medium you are using), and the ones that have vulnerabilities and therefore are considered insecure to install without thinking before.

To install packages directly from an FTP or HTTP server, run the following commands in a Bourne-compatible shell (be sure to su to root first):

# PATH="/usr/pkg/sbin:$PATH"
# export PATH PKG_PATH
# pkg_add ap2-php5-*
Note that any prerequisite packages needed to run the package in question will be installed, too, assuming they are present where you install from.
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