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Originally Posted by mgreen View Post

Is a NetBSD binary package different in construction to a OpenBSD package ?
Are they interchangeable ? If not do they, for a given name, contain exactly the same stuff or are they not even compatible in content, never mind construction ?
Absolutely!!! NetBSD packages are very different then OpenBSD packages.
While OpenBSD packages are compiled for the specific kernel, userland, and Xenocara NetBSD packages can be compiled for the very different versions of kernel and userland as well as version of X. As a matter of fact it is often the case that packages are compiled on the machine which has updated userland, or newer kernel and that packages are not usable on your specific machine. I am not talking about current I am talking about running plain release.

Most people that I know who use NetBSD very strongly discourage use of binary packages. On the another hand pkgsrc is quite cool thing even though slightly over engineered and parts are very, very poorly documented.
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