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Originally Posted by jb_daefo View Post
there is a new minimalistic mta in /usr/ports/mail/ within the
past couple of days.
Does this new minimalistic MTA have a name?

Originally Posted by jb_daefo View Post
relevant to the post above... mutt-devel for some reason
does not build here. So I switched to mutt (plain)
The only extra's that I'm aware of for my setup from mutt-stable (1.4) to mutt-devel (1.5) is builtin smtp support and header cache. Since the builtin smtp support didn't work for me (it failed in sasl authentication -- yes, cyrus-sasl was installed), the only other advantage is header cache.

Since the mailbox it is accessing gets a subscribed mailing, it has currently ~3700 messages. With the header cache it takes about 5 seconds to load, without about 2-3 minutes (every time). I tried the syntax set header_cache = ~/.mutt_cache in mutt-stable, but it claims it isn't supported. Does anyone know of a way to do that in mutt-stable - cache the IMAP headers for quick loading?
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