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Originally Posted by cableguy View Post
I had some previous attempts with FreeBSD, Debian and Windows and that was a mess, had to format everything ...

Although you stated that this is a clean Windows 7 installation, back up any & all data which has value first. Mistakes happen. Save yourself aggravation.

Following this, study Section 4.9 of the project's FAQ. This should be sufficient information for most multibooting cases.
Create partitions. How many, one for swap, one for home, one for boot, etc (and what format if not default?).
The installer will create partitions of various sizes by default which should be adequate for an initial installation. As you gain experience, you may elect at a later point to reinstall, choosing different sizes. Another alternative would be to create a single partition for everything.

Don't stress yourself out on partitions unless you have specific requirements. Since you didn't mention any, simply go with the default partitioning, or create one large partition.

Studying Section 4 of the FAQ will also help familiarize yourself with the installation process.
Make the computer boot from Windows Loader's or OpenBSD's loader, and how should I do that?
Use of Window's boot manager is discussed in the FAQ. If you want to use only tools found in OpenBSD, study fdisk(8). The key is to the problem is deciding which MBR partition should be "active".
What would be the total amount of space that I should use for OpenBSD and all its partitions? Would 100GB be enaugh?
You haven't described what you are using an OpenBSD installation, but I will inject that I run OpenBSD on Alix systems with only a 4GB CF card. 100GB will be sufficient for all kinds of MP3 or MP4 files.
I know it's lame, but I can't just "ditch" Windows...
You don't need to apologize. The reality is that some Windows applications may be needed for your school, employment, etc. You don't need to apologize.
GPU: NVidia GTX 760
Be aware that nVidia does not make source for compatible drivers available, so the OpenBSD project has a long record of not providing significant (or sufficient...) support. While nv(4) may meet your needs, it also may not. Performance may not be stellar.
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