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This "basic-conerter" jggimi posted looks interesting, thanks,
I think I will be giving it a try,....

I did some other searches, but didn't find anything else specifically for OpenBsd,

I never did much with "FreeBasic", partly due to the fact that I never liked , nor used MSwindows,
and ended up using "qbasic" on FreeDos, which is what I still use, (not very much, but occasionally).
I do keep a partition dedicated to FreeDos, and my qbasic , dos games etc. But any way,
I dis some search just now, and found this:
In particular this:
Mole BASIC Interpreter (Linux, AIX, Sun, BSD)

Mole Basic, or Merty's Own Language Extension Basic, runs on Linux, AIX, Sun and BSD and comes in (C?) source code form which you can modify to extend the language. Binaries for Linux is also provided.
"BSD" is a pretty broad term, but since it is open source, and if one is advanced enough, they might
be able to get it to work on OpenBsd,....I am not that advanced, myself, maybe some day, but as old as I am getting I have my doubts.
I never was what I would call a "serious qbasic prgrammer", but just a hobby,... to me the most fund is/was making up my own games, rather the playing the ones I got bored with over and over.
Games get boring, but trying to make up a new one never does.
Here, they say there is a version for FreeBsd,...
FreeBASIC is a multiplatform, free/open source (GPL) BASIC compiler[2] for Microsoft Windows, protected-mode MS-DOS (DOS extender), Linux, FreeBSD and Xbox. The Xbox version is no longer maintained.[3]
I have not tried it, and actually am pretty new to OpenBsd, and have not tried FreeBsd, so don't know how hard it would be to port it to OpenBsd , kind of interesting though,
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