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A rc script duly implementing the above

As to the man page, the '-O' flag is described as:
     -O	ctl_cmd
	     Control an	active connection multiplexing master process.	When
	     the -O option is specified, the ctl_cmd argument is interpreted
	     and passed	to the master process.	Valid commands are: ``check''
	     (check that the master process is running), ``forward'' (request
	     forwardings without command execution), ``cancel''	(cancel	for-
	     wardings),	``exit'' (request the master to	exit), and ``stop''
	     (request the master to stop accepting further multiplexing
I would be tempted to add something along the lines of the following to the end of the paragraph:

The ''check'' command can be used to obtain the PID of a running master process. All output from commands is sent to standard error.
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