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Default Is such a course worth the time/money?

From the perspective of getting a job in the associated fields, preferably something that pays some of the bills... and still offers a chance to advance in time; would either of these be worth bothering with?

or is even getting ones foot in the hiring door, as good as hopeless without investing much greater finance and (accredited) study time?

I'm at a point in my life, where the question of what I want to do with my life, is one that stings. With these two courses, I see an opportunity to be more marketable. But likewise, if it won't help me get a job, I don't see a point in going after it, unless it will really improve the chances of getting hired. I can always learn for free, but that's not so helpful to getting a job down here lol.

From the looks of things, I don't really expect that their Computer Network Systems course would teach me much that is new, aside from more of the windows side. I don't have a problem learning both sides of the coin, when it doesn't cut out the fun parts. The networking course appears to be available online, which is probably a good thing - I'm about 50km away from the nearest campus. The E&T one would certainly be interesting, but I don't think as useful for working around networks or software.

There are more then a few people here who are more knowledgeable then I am, that's why I post this thread. What do y'all think? Would pursing this be worth the time/money, in order to get hired somewhere, or just a greater waste of time?

I've been programming since 2005, and using computers since I was a child... I was working a Tandy before I could even read, started using FreeBSD in early 2006 and digging further into other unix likes. I've actually learned more from sitting in front of a computer and playing with my LAN and GCC, then school has ever managed to teach me about anything. So, needless to say I desire an occupation that involves what I love to do. For a chance to actually get hired, it would be worth suffering through getting my high school diploma (read: being bored as watching paint dry)... but I can't stand the idea, that my life will likely be the same or worse then it is now, by the time I leave this planet. I've generally accepted the fact, that I'll probably never be hired on my own merit, and the level of education that I wish for, to always be beyond my grasp... but hey, everyones got to start somewhere. I want to work around networks, but don't want to be relegated to only carting heavy equipment across the building for 30+ years!
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