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Well in the late 80s...I was in one of those programs for the BS you have listed, not from ITT but from a University. I've never directy used any of it. I have had occasion to remember things from a class here or there. About the 3rd year in I switched to a Computer Science program - but by that time I was tired of school and never finished.

I'm a Senior Programmer now for a company I have been with for 10 years now. I stared as an analyst and was made a programmer after 4 months. I was told because in my interview the CIO & CEO like my "geeky-ness". I can tell you my resume sure as hell didn't qualify me for IT being that my last 3 jobs where Health Claims Adjuicator, Airplane De-Icer, and stock boy at a super market!!

In my 10 years I have interview quite a number of people and every single person I have interview with the killer resume has been a big disappointment. I even interview a person that did NASA's JPL web site whose resume was so good I saved it as an example of how to write a resume - but once we interviewed them you could see the resume was all hype. I'd say that 95 of what we go on when hiring people is what they say and how they say it in the interview and because we've had some slick talkers get in, we also now have a 4 question test which weed those types out.

In short I guess my advice is, if you think it will help you talk one of the courses. If you think you skills are good enough to get you a job doing something you want then go for it. Maybe, just try and get a few interviews and see how that goes first and use the course route as a fall back.
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