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I follow misc@, ports@, tech@, the OpenBSD Journal, and the Following -current FAQ.

(tech@ is interesting to read, but I have rarely posted there. As Michael Lucas wrote in Absolute OpenBSD, if your post doesn't include a patch, tech@ is the wrong list for it.)

I also read cvs logs. I get the daily source and ports change CVS summaries, but rarely read them, and should probably cancel my subscriptions.

I also read slashdot, and then poke around in the source code or CVS logs if something interesting appears there about a subsystem. Case in point: on the day this week that slashdotters went nuts over SSL's latest MITM exploit, and all of the concerns about which distribution of Linux which patch available when, and which distributions might not have one for a while .... I checked the logs and noted the fix was already in -current, and the log mentioned a workup in progress for -stable.
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