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Default problems with OPEN LOOK wm on amd64

I'm trying to start olvwm (OSS OpenWindows rewrite with virtual desktops support, ICCCM -compliant) on NetBSD8/amd64 and startx beings me back to wscons without any fatal error, not even a warning, nothing inside Xorg logs (just 'X server terminated successfully out of the blue', no apparent reason). At first it complained about glyph font and olcursor not having been found, which are abosulute requirements for olvwm to start...I easily worked the issue out by installing fonts/font-sun-misc and adding the /usr/pkg/share/fonts/misc path to xorg.conf.
Olvwm works shamelessly on FreeBSD/i386 and freshports reports that xview libs are i386 restricted.
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