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Originally Posted by robbak View Post
Looks a bit like a bug in the documentation - It might be a good idea to make a little noise about it on the openbsd mailing list, or post a PR about it.
Us BSDers are rather proud of our documentation: If there is a problem with it, the projects would like to know about them so they can be fixed.
I incidentally posted elsewhere saying just that several moments ago. :]
FWIW, the documentation is accurate, it does however not cater to the skimmer. Unfortunately (I guess) most people frantically searching for a solution are speed reading. Pick a long man page and read the whole thing - got a spare hour? :]

There are though incorrect hyperlinks in the online manpages which is another matter altogether ...

Best wishes.

P.S. I refuse to get involved with www@, etcetera.
OpenBSD + Spam = me doing something else.
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