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[QUOTE=ijk;16943]My initial rule set below did not allow smtp
tcpservices = "{ domain, www, smtp, https, 10000 }"
block all
pass proto tcp from any to self port $tcpservices
That rule is correct. That rule will pass smtp.

Some other rule is blocking smtp. Or you may be having problems with dns, which that rule is _not_ passing.

Your problem with smtp is not in those rules. it is in other rules, elsewhere in your pf.conf

(Alternatley, maybe you are having a problem with the 'self' keyword. If you are using dhcp, maybe the address has changed since you loaded the ruleset. If you have dynamic ip addresses, it is best to use keywords like that in brackets (eg "( self )" ). Then the address will be updated if the interface addresses change.)
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