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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
Thank you for sharing this. Now I understand the "/mnt" references in your first post. You were using the RAMDISK kernel after running the upgrade script.

You need to determine what file has filled the root filesystem.

The most common reason is a standard file in the /dev directory instead of a character or block special file (device node).

/dev should be very small.
$ du -sh /dev
 34.0K   /dev
The only standard file in that directory should be the MAKEDEV(8) script. The other files should all either be character or block special files, or symbolic links. You can inspect and repair this even from that RAMDISK kernel's shell:

# cd /mnt/dev
# export TERM=vt220
# ls -l | less
# rm file.I.accidentally.created.with.a.typo

In most cases, the offending file will be obvious.

Should the /dev directory be correct and small, then the other directories on the root filesystem may be investigated.
Thank you so much jggimi.

I was making a bootable usb with dd earlier this week and guess what ?
an 918M file in /mnt/dev called sd2

Everything works fine now.

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