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Default script add user with encrypted password


I try to write a batch file to add a user or multiple users with encrypted passwords in the batch.

What i have done :
encrypt yeti
give me -> $2a$06$dY6sS5vY1l7xD/CXHH2ezuMK5TVUiqEkmDvYUBJct9/Zfksjcm97C

So i try it in my batch :
useradd -c "YETI" -d /home/yeti -m -s /bin/ksh \
-p $2a$06$dY6sS5vY1l7xD/CXHH2ezuMK5TVUiqEkmDvYUBJct9/Zfksjcm97C \
-G users,wheel yeti

The problem, when i launch the batch file, shell give me the value of $2 of my encrypted password, how can i fix it ?
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