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Originally Posted by jggimi View Post
hanzer, I'm not sure DHCP is involved in this specific issue, which is that a set of devices need to be excluded from using the OpenVPN tunnel. But that's if I understand the issue, of course.
Yeah, I might not understand either. I have assumed (possibly incorrectly) that the VPN appears as a network device with an IP address, it routes to a VPN gateway and it is set as the default gateway; also, the physical network interfaces have IP addresses and one routes to the ISP gateway (a guess based on the original post). If the goal is for some LAN machines to route traffic through the VPN gateway and other LAN machines to route traffic through the ISP gateway, it seems like that might be achieved by configuring the routing tables of the various machines - assuming the firewalls are appropriately passing traffic and the VPN is appropriately configured to accept/deny connections (assuming that is a VPN pseudo-device configuration option).

The OP might come back with some clarification and more details.

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