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Default MPS-Youtube on OpenBSD

I've been loving mps-youtube since it first came out, and I always have it run in background as soon as I Iogin.

It's true there are other nice music/video streaming solutions in OpenBSD's ports tree (livestreamer, mplayer, youtube-dl+mpg123 etc..), and that pyradio, builds on OpenBSD, but to me, mps-youtube looks the lightest and cleanest.

Mps-youtube, exploits mps, pafy library, and youtube-dl in order to query songs, artist and playlist directly from youtube. It can also use whether Mpv or Mplayer2, depending on which one you like best, so as to display video. You can do this by turning video option to true before streaming, or, with:
mpsyt playurl https://youtube_video_url

MPS-youtube relies on python 3.6, and can be installed through pip. python27 version of pip (py-pip) won't be able to build mpsyt. If you have it installed, it will be necessary to exchange it with py3-pip, as shown below

So, first the dependencies:

- lang/python/3.6,-main
- devel/py-pip,python3
- devel/py-setuptools,python3
- mpv or mplayer
- youtube-dl. Please, don't build youtube-dl from ports, you'll have to install it through py3-pip inorder for mps-youtube to work.

Now install youtube-dl:

doas pip3.6 install -U youtube-dl
Currently only the developer branch of mps-youtube works, as it has fixed runtime issues related to latest pafy API, so you'll have to clone it directly:

doas pip3.6 install -U git+
Simple nad clean, enjoy it!
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