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Default Ports Version associated with FreeBSD version


I have a legacy server running FreeBSD v4.8_EOL (end of life); regardless, it is what it is
When I update the ports tree via CVSUP, specifying tag-RELEASE_4_EOL, the Apache22 version downloaded is v2.2.4.

I have a newer server running FreeBSD v7.2, and the Apache22 version provided is v2.2.11.

When I ask CVSUP to download tag=RELENG_7 on the FreeBSD v4.8 (EOL) box, it appears that most if not all of the entire Ports tree is summarily deleted. For example, in /usr/ports/www/, only directories for firefox, firefox15, and joomla are left!!! Absolutely no apachen . . .whatever. It wipes out most of everything, and checks out nothing!

This may sound naive, but does this imply that Ports for RELENG_7 cannot be downloaded onto FreeBSD v4.8 (EOL)? This sounds like something MicroSoft would do . . .if they had a Ports System


Apparently make config DOES NOT work with apache v2.2.4. Is make config not a feature of apache v2.2.4? Can anyone confirm this?

I've tried make install -DWITH_suexec -DWITH_cgid
I had to manually copy from the FreeBSD v7.2 installation to /usr/local/libexec/apache22 to satisfy a complaint that the apache server could load Apparently, the make did not make the file; regardless, this hack seems to work.

Once past that objection, the server moved on to complain that it could not load . . .so I borrowed the same from the FreeBSD v7.2 installation of apache v2.2.11 . . .just to learn that it could not find shared file (this latter file resides in /lib on the FreeBSD v72. system). Installing /lib/ on the FreeBSD v4.8 system did not work (I'm not surprised).

I know . . .I know . . .I need to upgrade the FreeBSD v4.8. I plan to do so; in fact, the purpose of the v7.2 box is for that purpose, i.e., a backup system, but in the short run, I need to have parallel systems running on both releases . . .as much as possible.

I'm downloading ports-all specifying tag-RELEASE_4_EOL . . .yet again. I need the CGI and SUEXEC. I may have to reinstall apache v2.0 (although I was having problems installing SUEXEC with v2.0). Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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