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This may sound naive, but does this imply that Ports for RELENG_7 cannot be downloaded onto FreeBSD v4.8 (EOL)? This sounds like something MicroSoft would do . . .if they had a Ports System
No, you can download whatever ports/tags you want with cvsup. (Just don't expect the ports to work).
The problem is that there is no "RELENG_7" tag, the ports tree is only tagged for each version: RELEASE_7_0_0, RELEASE_7_1_0, etc.
You can see a list at the bottom of this page:

Please be aware, that this would mean that you would then be using:
An old and unsupported version of FreeBSD.
A ports tree that does not match this old version.
A ports that is no longer supported.

This will not work without signficant effort, time, and knowledge.
Use the FreeBSD 4 EOL portstree.

Apparently make config DOES NOT work with apache v2.2.4. Is make config not a feature of apache v2.2.4? Can anyone confirm this?
No, there are no options defined, look at the Makefile(s)
Makefile.doc has documentation on the various knobs.

Once past that objection, the server moved on to complain that it could not load . . .so I borrowed the same from the FreeBSD v7.2 installation of apache v2.2.11 . . .just to learn that it could not find shared file (this latter file resides in /lib on the FreeBSD v72. system). Installing /lib/ on the FreeBSD v4.8 system did not work (I'm not surprised).
A FreeBSD 7 binary/library will not work on FreeBSD 4. You need to recompile the library on FreeBSD 4.
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