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Default list open files - fstat?

I am trying to find the list of open files for a process. I did a search and found:

I figure that I should be able to use fstat. However, it does not display the file's name. According to the name page there should be a 'NAME' column. From the man page:

The following fields are printed:
NAME If filename arguments are specified and the -f flag is not, then
this field is present and is the name associated with the given
file. Normally the name cannot be determined since there is no
mapping from an open file back to the directory entry that was
used to open that file. Also, since different directory entries
may reference the same file (via ln(1)), the name printed may not
be the actual name that the process originally used to open that

Not sure how to get it to display any file names. I tried using "-f" and a mount point or directory, but does not make a difference; no name column is displayed. I also tried as root, to ensure that there is no permission problem.

I also used the search for the forums here, but nothing came up. Am I misreading the man page?
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