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Originally Posted by roddierod View Post
I was trying to figure out why you where showing us an /etc/fstab for "another system" that worked. That isn't going to help fix the one that isn't working if we can't see that.

I'd suggest booting the system with a rescue cd so that you can mount the partition and look at the /etc/fstab that doesn't work.
well.. even with a mistake in the line, if you look carefully, you'll see that I am showing the fstab which is not working, that I got by mounting the slice in another FreeBSD system, which is working.

So this is the non working fstab.

Originally Posted by robbak View Post
Please use [code][/code], not when showing file listings, to preserve white space. It makes things like fstab much easier to parse.

I think that that line is stating that it cannot find the dev file listed on line 0 of the fstab file, not that it cannot find the file. Could you check whether all the device nodes not listed as 'noauto' actually exist (when you enter single-user mode)?

Generally, you specify a device node or mount point for a filesystem. Like this # fsck -y /dev/ad1s1a
Sorry for the code tag...

I check with the ? at the mountroot and they all exist.
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