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Default OpenBSD 5.2 & Syslog-ng

Greetings to all!

I hope you are in great health and in the money. I need your help configuring my OBSD 5.2 with syslog-ng. I have been searching for a how-to for version 5.2 instead I found (OpenBSD and syslog-ng, published 09/09/2009) one for syslog-ng on OBSD 4.5.

I need to edit the /etc/rc: The author list the following:
sudo vi /etc/rc

    # syslogd_flags="${syslogd_flags} -a /var/named/dev/log"
    # syslogd_flags="${syslogd_flags} -a /var/empty/dev/log"
    # syslogd ${syslogd_flags}

    syslog_ng_flags="-p /var/run/"
    /usr/local/sbin/syslog-ng ${syslog_ng_flags}
I have searched /etc/rc but I find no reference to those lines, I just see:

start_daemon syslogd ldattach pflog named...

Questions, are the syslogd_flags configured else where? Does anyone have the correct configuration for running syslog-ng on OBSD 5.2?

Thanks in advance and regards to all.

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