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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
There are plenty of people who use their digital cameras with OpenBSD, some work better than others.. some don't work at all.
I have very strongly to refute your post All, absolutely all, digital cameras work perfectly with OpenBSD.

Most people attach digital cameras via USB adapters. In such cases digital cameras are most often seen as external SCSI HDD as long as they are in umass storage devices mode (most cameras are by default in that mode). If not you can play little bit with options (like on older Sony cameras, new once are already in umass). You download pictures by mounting camera

mount_msdos /dev/sd0i /mnt
and using standard Unix commands cp and mv.
I am assuming that you have only one SCSI HDD which might be false in the light of new commits as most good SATA HDD are now seen as SCSI. Pictures are usually on partition i as any generic MSDOS file system.

If you camera is not seen as umass storage for some reason you may get very inexpensive USB card reader. Those are always seen as SCSI HDD.

You can also use your imagination. For example my kids lost USB connector for my new Sony camera. Instead of waisting money for the new one I observed that my wife's printer HP Photosmart C5250 has four built in digital cameras card readers including the one for the Sony adapter for their memory stick duo pro. I pull out the flash drive from my camera, put adapter on (just like when I go to Walmart to make my pictures) and plug into printer. I can immediately see on Xconsola new SCSI HDD.

Note that libphoto2 library is ported to OpenBSD. I think at this point of that project as useless. You can indeed use liphoto2 library and some of front interfaces (gphoto2 for example) just to attach your camera to OpenBSD and download the pictures but it is unnecessary. For instance by default Sony cameras used to be in PTP mode. You will need libphoto2 to see such camera on OpenBSD but if you just change options to umass it is just SCSI HDD.

I hope that the thread is now closed

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