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Let me reformulate: where should I/we put an application directory (which means a directory containing ALL of the application files, into it's own structure, under a common root, ABC/ for example) if the standard *BSD filesystem hierarchy provides no room for it?

Should we blame the application developers for packaging the port like that or the standard for being too restrictive?

An FreeBSD port example is bdc. It installs everything under /usr/local/bdc. Is this path hier compliant?

I believe the formal nature of things would be three hierarchies

/ level -> needed for starting the system, the real critical stuff. And probably holdovers from old unix days.

/usr level -> stuff that came with the OS but non-essential to starting the system, i.e. /bin/shd versus /usr/bin/vi

/usr/local level -> the local systems crap including /usr/local/bin/emacs.
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